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March 26, 2023

Auslan At Holy Family

This year Holy Family has changed the language that we offer to our students.

Holy Family school prides itself on providing an inclusive curriculum to ensure learning is accessible to everyone one. Each one of our students can engage in this program regardless of his/her learning ability or learning difficulties.

Our Year 1/2 DI class can now use Auslan to pray the Lord's Prayer.

It has been pleasing to see students engaging with each other and staff using the signs that they have learnt already. Students now know the signs associated with letters of the alphabet, school items and colours.

Parents have said that the children are also using the language of Auslan at home. This is something that did not experience when the children were being exposed to our previous language.

You can look at our Facebook page to view videos from our LOTE teacher to support your child at home.