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We view Religious Education as the cornerstone of all we do in the education and formation of our students. At Holy Family we celebrate the unity between the parish and school and encourage active participation in the life of the school and faith community.

The Catholic Parish of the Holy Family has existed in Mount Waverley for over 60 years and has been a constant reminder to the people of Mount Waverley of the loving presence of Christ in the World.

Our Faith in Christ Jesus, is one that encourages us not only to live in communion with our God, but also in communion with one another, supporting and assisting each other as we continue to grow and deepen our love of God and neighbour. At Holy Family you will find a community of faithful followers of Christ, who are striving each and every day to live out their Catholic faith in their homes, workplaces and in their local community.

As members of the Catholic Faith, we profess our belief in our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave all mankind the Church, as the means to follow him in this life, and rejoice with him in the next.

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