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School Board

The School Education Board consists of the school Principal, Deputy Principal, Parish Priest, Staff representative, Parent representatives, P & F representative and Parish representative.

The responsibilities of the board are:

  • To collaborate with the parish priest and other parish bodies to ensure that all children of the parish are invited to enrol in the parish primary school.
  • To actively support Catholic education.
  • To be actively involved in the School Improvement Plan.
  • To ratify policies, in consultation with appropriate parties, that will assist the parish priest, principal and staff in working towards the objectives of the school.
  • To plan, implement and evaluate the financial and building programs necessary for the recurrent and long-term effectiveness of the school, in accord with its responsibility to consult appropriately with various diocesan and civil authorities.
  • To view the school budget for the year, taking account of the goals and directions of the school as set out in the school's Mission Statement and School Improvement Plan.
  • When viewing the annual budget, the Education Board will recommend the fee structure of the school for the following calendar year.