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May 26, 2022

Exciting News For Our Community

Archbishop Comensoli has appointed Father Justel Callos as our Parish Priest for the next six years.

In 2019 ABC News printed a story on Father Justel 'The Good Priest'. Sections of the article are included below.

He is disarmingly open. Open about his own struggles. Open about the church’s struggles.

In one classroom he leads a group of five and six-year-olds in a religion lesson.

The kids sit cross-legged on the carpet in various states of wriggle and fidget. They have an endless list of metaphysical questions. Why is God invisible? Are the moon and stars out in the daytime? How do plants grow? Everything is fair game when you have God’s offsider in the room.

“You know why God is invisible? It’s because he’s in heaven, isn’t he? Which is why you can’t see people you love who’ve died, either, isn’t it? Because they’re in heaven with God.

“But you know how you can see God? You can see God in your friends. In your teacher. In your mum and dad. He’s in other people, isn’t he?”

It’s heartening — even for the lapsed Catholic with the camera.

“But we’ve got this great message of love and understanding.

“I think that’s why a lot of the parents send their children to Catholic or Christian schools. Not necessarily that they go to church on Sunday but because that’s the ethos we have, the Christian principles. And sometimes that can be a little bit forgotten when we have those hot-button issues and debates.”

“When it comes to their problems or issues in their life, they come to us. I’m no psychologist, I don’t have formal qualifications in those areas. I may not necessarily say brilliant advice or words to them but just the fact that I’m a priest, my presence there already gives them comfort and that, to me, is incredible.”

At our First Eucharist Family evening Father Justel reminded that families that they are always welcome and he is always here for them.

We are continuing to build our connection between school and parish. Father is keen to have families and school staff involved in Mass and social justice initiatives in our parish.