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September 04, 2020

Father’s Day and Staff Reflections on Remote Learning

Our staff and families have been incredible during our periods of remote learning.

Father’s Day

With ‘Father’s Day’ approaching our staff had to think of ways to engage our families and acknowledge the male ‘superheroes’ in our community. Thank you to our families who created their dad, grandpa, uncle, brother or friend from wooden spoons. These creations have been placed in our front garden at school to say thank you to our male ‘superheroes’.

It has been wonderful looking out my office window this week and seeing families place their spoons in the garden. The smiles, laughter and conversations are what community is all about. Let’s hope we are back at school some time next term to reconnect and nurture our relationships.

Staff Reflections on Remote Learning

Our staff have set aside some time this week to reflect on how their role has changed during remote learning. Here are some of their comments –

  • Our student teacher relationship has strengthened as we have experienced such a significant change together.
  • It is both challenging and crucial for us to ensure our children stay connected with their teachers and classmates.
  • Working from home creates new challenges during remote learning as we are both supporting our own families as well as our HOLY FAMILY FAMILY.
  • Being part of a supportive community of parents and students has helped us adapt to this new way of teaching and learning.
  • The students wellbeing and engagement is of utmost importance. A lot of time is given to students who just need that extra ‘chat’ and the planning required to support them.
  • There have been many positive emails from both students and parents which have been uplifting and encouraging.
  • As professionals, we have had to make a lot of adjustments and learn many new skills in a very short time frame - we are still learning and adjusting our programs accordingly each and every day.