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July 04, 2022

Induction of our ninth Parish Priest

Last Wednesday night was full of celebration for our Holy Family School and Parish communities.

Archbishop Peter (along with many other clergy) inducted Father Justel Callos as our Parish Priest for the next six years. Thank you to our students, staff and families for witnessing this wonderful community celebration.

Father Justel will provide spiritual guidance for our community in the coming years.

ABC News printed a story about Father Justel on 15th June 2019 'The Good Priest'. Below is a quote from Father Justel and how he guides his community.

“When it comes to their problems or issues in their life, they come to us. I’m no psychologist, I don’t have formal qualifications in those areas. I may not necessarily say brilliant advice or words to them but just the fact that I’m a priest, my presence there already gives them comfort and that, to me, is incredible.”

In terms of 'why choose a Catholic school, Father Justel quotes -

“But we’ve got this great message of love and understanding".

“I think that’s why a lot of the parents send their children to Catholic or Christian schools. Not necessarily that they go to church on Sunday but because that’s the ethos we have, the Christian principles. And sometimes that can be a little bit forgotten when we have those hot-button issues and debates.”

Welcome to our Holy Family community Father Justel!