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May 23, 2023

Making a Difference to Students at Holy Family

Our classroom teachers and specialist teachers are continuing to use up to date student data to ensure each student can enter into the learning process at their level of ability. Some students require extension while others will need extra support to meet their individual learning goals.

This year we have introduced a new approach to reading. Our Literacy Leader is supporting our teachers in learning more about the Science of Reading. The Science of Reading began to emerge as a field of study in the 1920s and 1930s. Today the Science of Reading is a well-established field of study that looks at how important early interventions are for readers who are having trouble and how social and cultural factors affect how people learn to read. (Clement, G. Transform, 2023)

A quote from one of our parents this term -

Just wanted to also mention the amazing reading progress we've had... I didn't write it in her reader book last week, however she just got Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham out and read 3/4 of the book without a prompt or any help. AMAZING! She's never done that before. Something is clicking and it's such a delight to see. She's loving reading for the first time! Thank you for all the new methods and concepts you are introducing with the class this year. It's making a huge difference.

Students are also involved in our MultiLit program to support their decoding of words and understanding of text.

MultiLit is more than just the name of a literacy program for low-progress readers. It is an educational approach that has, as its core belief, the conviction that effective instruction is the key to growth in any area of the curriculum. In this sense, MultiLit is more accurately conceptualised as an approach, or a determination, to bring about rapid learning for low-progress students by whatever means scientific research has shown to be most effective.

This year our Mathematics Leader has been training to learn more about the EMU (Extending Mathematical Understanding) approach to support Mathematics learning for our students.

EMU is a research-based intervention approach that has been shown to improve students’ knowledge and confidence with mathematics.