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February 14, 2022

Meet Our Staff for 2022

Meet our staff for 2022 -

  • Principal (Mrs David)
  • Deputy Principal (Miss King)
  • Office Administrator (Mrs Sneddon)
  • Learning Diversity Leader ( Mrs Prosser)
  • PrepWK (Mrs Williams and Miss King)
  • Prep CK (Miss Considine and Miss King)
  • Year 1/2J (Mrs Johnstone)
  • Year 1/2H (Mr Hyde)
  • Year 1/2LP (Mrs Lake and Mrs Page)
  • Year 3/4C (Mrs Curtain)
  • Year 3/4M (Mrs Mase)
  • Year 3/4D (Ms Dickson and Mrs Dielemans)
  • Year 3/4GB (Mrs Govic and Mrs Boyle)
  • Year 5/6P (Mrs Pejic)
  • Years 5/6S (Mrs Smith)
  • Year 5/6B (Mr Brodrick)
  • Year 5/6FG (Mrs Foenander and Mrs Grabau)
  • Year 5/6YW (Mrs Young and Mrs White)
  • Performing Arts (Miss Rawlins)
  • Physical Education (Mrs Michelsson)
  • Italian (Mrs Cetrola)
  • STEM (Mrs Davis)
  • Learning Support Staff (Simone Tapley, Tess McCumstie, Tina Edmanson, Mellisa O'Mara, Zoe Marks, Zac Flack, Sophie Fraser, Monika Skaliotis, Bianca Ortolan, Andy Wilson)
  • School Counsellors (Nigil and Rebecca)
  • School Psychologist (Naomi Barrett)