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August 09, 2022

Our Buddy Program

Our Prep students love working with their Year 5 Buddies!

Our staff spend quite a bit of time 'buddying up' the Prep students with their Year 5 Buddy before these students commence school.

During our Prep Transition sessions in November the year before the prospective Prep students commence school our Year 4 students meet the 'new' Prep students.

Our classroom teachers and Transition Coordinator:

  • monitor the interactions between the students
  • refer to Kindergarten information
  • take notes on the interactions
  • prepare our Year 4 students by training and teaching them what it means to be a 'buddy'

Our 'new' Prep students then meet their 'buddy' on their final transition session. The following year these students support and guide the Preps when they are out on the playground and enjoy having picnic lunches with them.

The Prep students and their Year 5 Buddies develop a connection that is quite unique!