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April 02, 2022

Student Leadership

Some of our Year 6 Student Leaders attended the Halogen Young Leaders Day.

Below is a reflection from one of our students -

On Wednesday the 23rd of March, the Year 6 leaders went to the Exhibition Center in the city for Halogen Young Leaders Day. We listened to Lachie Smart, Guy Edmonds, Cate Campbell and Damien Fleming talk about leadership. We took a train for 40 minutes to the venue. There were many different schools as well. The 4 speakers gave us very inspirational quotes and lessons, such as to never give up and that it takes sacrifice to be a leader. We took notes and here were some of mine:

  • Youth is not something to hold you back

  • Failures are not a bad thing, learn from them

  • Failure and success takes resilience, acceptance and determination

  • Be humble

  • Sacrifice has a lot to do with choice

  • We all start at the same place

  • It doesn’t matter what it is, chase it

..and so much more. My favourite was about sacrifice. All four of the speakers talked about it and no doubt it will have to happen in everyone’s lives. Sacrifice is also about choice. But most importantly, the reason why we sacrifice is because our duties will always matter more than anything.

Lachie, Guy, Cate and Damien really taught us a lot about leadership and made us feel more confident in leading the school. Expect bigger things from the Year 6’s now because we’ve now got a lot more up our sleeves.